Bush Dinner
Bush Dinner

Bush Dinner
Bush Dinner


Experience the world of Blackbuck Lodge

Since its inception, The Blackbuck Lodge has always called people towards wilderness and adventure. Many experience this as a magnetic pull in the body, a small voice that hears the word and cries out, ‘Yes!’

Such people often don’t know how they came to be a part of this family, and after a while it no longer matters. The story of their journey to safari has faded into the colour of memory. The past replaced by the experience of being amidst the animals, around a campfire and under a canopy of stars.

Close to be a part of this is to be an artist of experience. It’s to be guided by what you love towards a new way of living. We can’t pretend, it’s simply not in our nature… but we can dream and make dreams come true for ourselves and for others.


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Velavadar National Park 


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Healing House 

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