Discover Palitana 

Embark upon a spiritual journey by visiting Palitana, located about one-and-a-half hour to two hour away from The Blackbuck Lodge, Palitana is known for the stupendous Jain complex of Shetrunjaya hill. The Shetrunjaya temple complex is specially sacred to Jains as lord Adinatha visited the hill several times, and his son is said to have built the first temple on the pinnacle. Thereafter temple building never stopped, and despite marauding Islamic invasions, there are still more than 860 temples on the hill built between the 11th and the 19th centuries. The temples are set in nine enclosures, strung along two ridges of the hill, with a great view from the summit 600 meters over the town of river Shetrunjaya and the surrounding countryside. 

The princely town of Palitana, bisected by the river, has a few colonial period buildings still standing as reminders of the former rulers. There are Jain museums and art galleries in town, as well as a good market for embroideries and handicrafts. Weighing scales and utensils are made in Palitana town.

En route to Palitana from the lodge, Sihor has the 17th century fortress of the Gohil Rajputs with some intricate wood carvings and halls filled with murals portraying court scenes, battles, processions, religious themes. The terrace has views over the town to the granite hills of Sihor. Visit the Brahma kund, a 12th century stepped tank, surrounded by 108 sculptures of various Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism. Near the kund are a number of holy temples. Artisans work in cottage industries on metal ware-brass, bronze, copper utensils are made at Sihor.


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