With an astonishing continent at your doorstep, it’s a good idea to make your time at The Blackbuck Lodge part of an adventurous holiday. Guests often ask us to recommend distinctive and luxurious itineraries in accordance to their interests.

For the same we have curated various tours which incorporate Village Safari, Jungle Safari and Bush Dinner.

Our itineraries accommodate different budgets, with prices reflecting the duration of the tour and the standard of the accommodation. The prices quoted are indicative only and depend on season and availability.

Velavadar National Park

Velavadar National Park 

Book Blackbuck Safari

Jeep Safari with Naturalist 

Bush Dinner at the Blackbuk Lodge

Bush Dinner 

Discover Palitana

 Discover Palitana

Other tours & experiences

Village Tour

Experience a day in the lives of the Villagers on the village tour at The Blackbuck Lodge. The village tour is a great opportunity to experience the rural culture of this area. This visit gives an opportunity to observe the lifestyle of the local Bharwad community in their colorful attire and understand what its like to see the sun set in a village while sipping a cup of hot tea made from fresh cow milk. 


Hop on our cycles and explore the wilderness around the lodge at your own pace. Let these moments sink in and we are sure they will stay with you for a long time. You can also cycle through the village and interact with the locals. This would provide an opportunity to have a glance at the rural life of the villagers and understand the culture up close.

Trip to Bhavnagar

At a mere distance of 45 Km in the Saurashtra region is the tiny yet beautiful city, Bhavnagar. The city was found in 1724 by Bhavsinhji Gohil. It is a tiny town that greets everybody with its richness of traditions in the modern life. Due to its closeness to the sea, the city has always been an important center of trade and commerce of cotton goods. Moreover, the city is also known as the cultural centre of the state of Gujarat. Major places of attractions of Bhavnagar are as under :

- Takheshwar Temple

- Victoria Park- Experience the greatness of nature with a walk across the Victoria Park.

- Barton Museum 

- Barton Library

- Gaurishankar Lake

Visit to Alang

 Alang is a major ship breaking yard and is reported to recycle almost half of all Vessels which are broken and salvaged in the world. Located about 100kms from the lodge. The goods displayed for sale from the vessels form a huge market where people could buy things like seasoned wooden furniture, crockery etc.

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